Charlie and Kari Sims

What brought you to Life Church? A deep sense of calling from the Lord to invest heavily in J-town, the possibility of a good fit for some dear friends who don’t have a church home, and alignment with the vision of disciples who make disciples as a lifestyle.

How do you serve Jesus at Life Church? I see myself as a “come with me” type of leader. Jesus is my priority and I’ve sought to integrate walking with Christ into every aspect and element of my lifestyle, so the function of discipleship and mission don’t feel like “extra” things as much as they are simply how I am.

Tell us about where you grew up, your family and where you work/what you do for a living. I grew up in Elizabethtown, and moved to Louisville for college. I Majored in business, but spent every available moment serving with Cru which is where I met Kari. Eventually, we opened, operated, and then recently sold a CrossFit gym (CrossFit Regeneration) in J-town. Now I’m coaching Gym owners in business tactics for a company called Gym Launch.

What do you love most about Louisville? I love the blend of big city with a small town feel, the passion and excitement for sports, food, and this city’s willingness to sit and talk about life.